Meditation is helpful for many reasons:

1.  It gives our bodies, our minds and our souls a healing break from the routine stresses of every day life.

2.  Meditation teaches a relaxation response which becomes better with practice. 

3.  We develop the skills to listen to the still small voice within to find our own answers as well as those from our Creator and our Angels and Guides.

Easy Meditation 

This meditation exercise will benefit you greatly.  

Breathe in for a count of six and exhale for a count of six.   Do this eight to ten times, or until you feel more relaxed.  If you see or feel your stomach moving in and out, all the better!  Make no effort except to keep your attention on your breathing.  That's all there is to it.  You will be amazed at how much better you will feel in a short while.  After you are comfortable with this short period, you can do longer sessions.  I enjoy listening to singing bowls while I meditate but you can pick what you enjoy to assist in your relaxation. 

Meditation Fay Kelley

"Meditation is a focusing or concentration of one's mental energy until one has reached a perfect stillness of the mind.  With practice, meditation will allow one to realize the true self....Meditation should be done with a full surrender to the stillness it creates....Meditation, combined with proper intention, can aid one in a complete spiritual evolution.  Meditation will allow a person to become the pure, perfect, being of the universe that he or she was meant to become....The true benefit of meditation is found in the stillness that it provides to one's body, mind and spirit.  This stillness alters one's conscious awareness and connects it with the divine.”     ~  Ashley Leavy

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