I have not written or edited any of the feedback here.  The opinions are my client’s own thoughts, they were voluntary, and they were not paid to provide a quote to me.

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“Fay Kelley did crystal grids for clearing, protection and healing for me.  It seems hard to believe that someone can heal you from a distance, but Fay can!!  She not only works on humans she also heals animals.  I highly reocmmend her.  She not only sends you the energy, but also gives you meditations and plenty of information to help you.  Fay not only helped me with healing, but she taught me how to get rid of what I know was a curse placed on me amny years ago.  She also helped me to learn how to regularly clear myself and my surrounding of negative energy.”  ~ Kim L.

“Wow, I can feel the energies of this grid coming off of the photograph!  I know my home is cleansed perfectly.  I already see benefits in the behavior and feelings of myself and my children.  Thank you so much!  Also for the bonus gift.” ~ Louise D.

“Above and beyond my expectations! My sweet little bird is now a thousand times better than when I ordered the grid. There was so much care and concern and communication from Fay.  The grid is so beautiful.  Highly recommend.  Thank you again.” ~ Melinda

“This was a gift for a friend. The grid was completed very quickly.  And the information provided was far beyond expectations.  The healing and abundance grid was beautiful and resonated deeply with me. Fay I am extremely grateful. Thank you!” ~ Debbie J.

“Fay’s crystal healing was highly recommended by a friend, and now I highly recommend this wonderful service, too!   I am amazed by and very happy with the personalized crystal grid and the detailed explanation of the crystals and stones that were chosen for it.” ~ Allison

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“Thank you so much for your wonderful work.  This spiritual helper gives so many resources and so much attention.” ~ David

“Your finely developed intuitive sense and compassion, combined with your empathic nature and willingness to spend whatever time is necessary to provide the most effective healing energy for your clients, sets you apart from all others.” ~ Jim

Without me revealing too much information, she and her guides are very intuitive in giving me what I needed at this time. Lots of genuine and loving energy, and also lots of spiritual study guides and knowledge was given to me by her.  Exactly what I need right now. Thanks!” ~ Vina

“Fay Kelley is a very special being.   I am so grateful for her wonderful work, she has provided material and information which is invaluable.  Answered personal questions with great knowledge.   Provided an absolutely beautiful Crystal Grid, even with descriptions of the stones used.   I recommend her.” ~ Valens

"Thank you bunches Fay for your prompt attention to this request and your prompt actions. Specifically I would attest my high test scores to the grid, as I have never been proficient in those skills. I will definitely send more people you way.” ~ Ann P.

“I feel really grounded and much calmer now.  Thanks so much for your help and efforts, Fay.   The crystal grid is stunning. I definitely feel refreshed.” ~ Azzah

“What a great experience.  This was an urgent request as it was for my little dog Trinity who was very sick. Fay delivered the healing and crystal grid very quickly and checked in frequently.  Trinity was feeling quite a bit better by the end of the day.   Thank you so much.” Debbie J.

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“Fay is a wonderful, caring healer.   My senior dog has responded really well thanks to her talented healing abilities.” ~ Jennifer

Thank you Fay!  My game has improved since you constructed the grid and I had a win today! Awesome work. Highly recommended.” ~ Jim

“Fay puts a lot of time and thought into the creation of her grids and imbues them with divine energy. Upon looking at my grid for the first time, I felt filled with a sense of peace and calm that I haven’t felt for a long time.  Thank you for the beautiful grid, Fay”  ~ Deborah

"My Grid is so beautiful!!!  Looks really powerful as well.  Thank you so much for the time to do my grid.  There is a part of me that feels a buzz when I look at it. Crystal Buzz!”  ~ Nina

"Fay is amazing.  Love her Peaceful, loving and giving energy.   This experience for myself and a friend has been absolutely AWESOME!!!  Thank you again, Fay.” ~ Nina

"I love love love it!   Thank you Fay for your time and prompt attention.   I feel the vibrancy and high quality of your work and commitment.   I can’t wait to give you specific feedback on how this grid has improved the quality of my life for me.  Blessings!” ~ Ann P.

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“Good, prompt communication and high quality service. Would definitely purchase again and recommend.” ~ Livia

“Wow! Fay I want to thank you for bringing enlightenment into my life.   The crystal reading was awesome.  As I read it, it had a peaceful calming affect upon me.  You are awesome!    I appreciate what you do and bringing enlightenment to those who seek it. Great job!” ~ Chris

“Thank you so much for the wonderful crystal grid and all the help you provided for my daughter!  She benefits a lot from your treatments.   Fay’s compassion, intuition and knowledge amazes me every time she has worked for me!  Thank you so much Fay for your wonderful work!  Many blessings to you!” ~ Lousie D.

“Highly recommend.  Very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate individual.   I learned a lot through this experience.” ~ Wendy

“Thank you for your beautiful and very elegant crystal grid.  Fay is caring and very insightful.  Very much appreciate your advice.  Wish to have more abundance, like the beautiful crystal grid.” ~ Keiko

“Wow, it looks wonderful!   I cannot wait to meditate on it later!  Thanks for the communication, care and love you put into the crystal grid.” ~ Malikah

“Awesome job. Delivered ahead of schedule.  Superb information and a beautiful and powerful crystal grid.  Thank you Fay! Much gratitude.” ~ Debbie J.

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“Very powerful and I actually started getting more solid calls today on my business.” ~ David

“This was a very inspiring session!  Ever since Fay started to send healing, I experienced a feeling of being grounded and creative!  She drew some cards as well which resonated well with my current situation.  The grid is beautiful.  Thanks so much Fay! Highly recommended.” ~ Azzah

Thank you so much for this wonderful grid and detailed information! I know this is going to help my Luna get better soon. I ordered this crystal grid earlier for one of my cats, and after 3 days of healing energies from Fay's grid, the issue was healed! (long-standing problem). Highly recommended!” ~ Louise D.

“Very interesting grid and pleased with the outcome.  A lovely person and overall great experience.” ~ Phyllis

“Fay is an amazing Crystal Healer who goes way beyond.  Do not hesitate to order a grid from this lovely, kind, generous healer. I’m very blessed to have had this lovely service.  I will print off photos and cherish them. “ ~ Maya

“Beautiful work from a lovely lady.  Thank you so much.   I would highly recommend you to anyone and everyone!  Much love and blessings.” ~ Edilé

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“Again I am amazed at the power and beauty of Fay’s work and about the detailed information she gives with the grid.   She also gave me a bonus pdf with the perfect information for me.  Thank you so much dear Fay!  You are very gifted and amazing!  Highly recommended.” ~ Louise D.

“I asked Fay’s help for my daughter, who was having bad nightmares.  Already when Fay started meditating for my daughter, the nightmares went away, and she also slept wonderfully.   The nightmares have not returned and she is sleeping much better. Thank you so much dear Fay!  You are truly a blessing!” ~ Louis D.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful crystal grid and all the extra information. Outstanding experience!” ~ Yonanda Aditya

“Outstanding experience!” ~ Katrina

“Fay’s healing helped my cat tremendously.  He had an infection and I was even afraid for his life at some point; shortly after Fay started working on him, he started drinking again and he started to feel better. I feel Fay saved his life! I am so very grateful.” ~ Louise D.

"Thank you for all the work you put into this for me. The crystal grid looks amazing. The information provided was very accurate. Highly recommended!” ~ Jennifer

"Thank you for your wonderful crystal healing energy and very kind and thoughtful guidance.  I am very impressed by the detailed explanation of your healing work and attention to my specific situation. I can feel the positive energy and light.  Love & light.” ~ Michael

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