Crystal Gemstone Grids

I provide Crystal Energy Healing for you and for your animal companions.  Each crystal healing session I do is individual, and each grid arrangement is designed individually for you.  During meditation I choose the grid pattern and the crystals to address your specific needs.  This grid receives healing energies during my meditations, and a photo of that grid, which I send to you, carries with it those same energies which will enhance your meditations.

Energy Healing is a gentle way to send healing and love to your companion and is a wonderful and non-invasive way to provide relaxation, allowing your companions to heal more quickly.  Animals, being very spiritual, respond well to Light energy!  If it is their time, this loving energy will provide peace and comfort during their transition.

Healing is an ongoing process of renewal.  I create and customize crystal gemstone grids for all situations requiring love and Divine light.  Shown below are a few examples of the crystal grids I have created in ABC order.  The most popular grids are Abundance, Healing, Protection, Clearing and Grounding, in that order.


Animal Companions


Caretaker Healing



Grounding and Vitality

Integration of Heart and Mind

Love and Rejuvenation


Spiritual Abundance

Transition and To Ease Fear Of Death


“Although one must ultimately heal oneself, the healing process may be facilitated by the catalytic presence of many things.  To experience disease is to experience a total or partial disconnection from wholeness, a loss of awareness of the innate universal source of perfection.  The members of the mineralogical kingdom have been used for centuries to act as catalysts and to assist one in becoming reunited with that Source.”    ~Melody

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