My mission is three-fold:   Anchor, Offer, and Empower

The first is true of all Lightworkers.  Anchoring Light for the Earth and our Universe means that I, as much as possible, remember who I am, where I came from, and why I am here.  This practice includes staying grounded in the Earth, and at the same time, staying connected to Source, offering spiritual assistance, whether through healing, prayer or support to those who seek it; and, empowering others to find their own healing abilities and spiritual powers.

In my personal journey of growth and empowerment, I’ve had a few of my own Angelic interventions which reinforced my beliefs and shaped the values I hold most sacred today.  At age sixteen, while swimming with some friends, a boat pulled up next to me.  I hung on the side to talk to my friend in the front of the boat.  Someone in the back of the boat, not seeing me, opened the throttle to maximum acceleration.  I tried to hang on, but the force of the water pulled me and my long hair directly under the boat.  I emerged from the water untouched!  At age thirty-three, I rode my motorcycle down a steep hill in downtown St. Paul, MN.  By some otherworldly intervention, my arms were held in place, preventing me from turning into an unseen truck approaching at high speed.  That same year I was forced onto the sidewalk when a city bus turned from the far lane directly into me.  How I was able to ride my motorcycle over a steep curb at an angle was a miracle!

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I am often asked how I came to the conclusion that physical and emotional problems can be healed with spiritual methods

It came to be my conviction that all stems from the spiritual after working in the psychology field.  My psychology training allowed me to work in various milieus for many decades.  I started doing volunteer work as a crisis hotline counselor, and then as an in-person counselor in Minneapolis.  During graduate school at Notre Dame, I completed my internship at a residential treatment center for felons who were multi-drug abusers.  For a graduate school student, this was daunting, but I came to see how psychotherapy really worked at a deep level.

I later worked as a chemical dependency counselor in a private agency,  in a free-standing mental health center doing family and individual therapy, as well as the various departments of a private psychiatric hospital with children, adolescents, and adults.  I worked with people who had anxiety and depression diagnoses, and my goal was to get them off of medication and out of the hospital as soon as possible.  I did this through movement, music and talk therapy.  My goal was always to get them out of the hospital before their insurance ran out, which was usually thirty days.

I came to know that the line between emotional and physical illness was often blurred.  The largest pharmaceutical factory is our brain, and emotional and psychological issues often create physical issues.  I found that stagnant energy needed to get moving in order for people to feel better emotionally, psychologically, and physically.  My shotgun approach was to use whatever worked.  As a biofeedback therapist, I trained people to slow their heart rates and other autonomous physical functions.  During my employment as an in-home therapist for a county agency, I was contracted to do therapy with families who had children with severe behavioral disorders.  Finally, I opened my own private practice which I had for ten years.  All of this was part of the journey to where I am today.

Since all illness starts in the etheric and auric bodies, if one restores balance at these areas, it may never eventually manifest in the physical body.  In order to heal physical symptoms, it is most helpful to work spiritually with the non-physical in order to bring about changes in the physical body.  Allopathic doctors work with the physical symptoms.  If you are seeing an allopathic doctor, please do not discontinue your visits or medications until you feel you are well.  All energy work will help to speed your healing process and your return to wellness and balance.

I have a favorite quote from the documentary With One Voice, directed by Eric Temple:  “We are all mystics seeking to solve the mysteries of existence.  At some point our search for truth turns inward to the spiritual dimension of life to discover the truth that w already are that which we are seeking."

Another bit of wisdom I’ve gained is that The best revenge is living happily ever after!  This is my favorite word of advice.

Your healing is dedicated to love, light and your highest good.  A few of my certificates are shown here:

Certified Crystal Healer Certificate Fay Kelley.
Advanced Crystal Therapist Certificate Fay Kelley.
Sacred Stone Grids Practitioner Certificate Fay Kelley.
Reiki Grandmaste Certificate Fay Kelley.
Healing Crystals for Our Animal Companions Certificate Fay Kelley.
Spiritual Animal Healer Certificate Fay Kelley. (1)
Angelic Crystal Healing Certificate Fay Kelley.
World Metaphysical Association Certificate Fay Kelley
Pendulum Dowser Certificate Fay Kelley.
American Council Holistic Healers Certificate Fay Kelley.

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