Abundance   and Prosperity With Your Crystal Gemstone Grid

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Abundance and prosperity is my most-requested grid.  A crystal grid is a formation of stones, rocks, gemstones, crystals or shells, to assist energetically with an intention.

The effects of crystals can be utilized remotely by constructing a geometric grid to be used as a focus of meditation.  It may be in the form of sacred geometry, a mandala, or a simple square or circle.

In this article I will discuss the intention of abundance and prosperity.  Here are some items to have ready before you begin:

• A place for your grid where it won't be disturbed, or a cover for it

• Your Abundance Intention

• Your Grid Pattern either printed out or clearly in your mind's eye

• Your crystals and gemstones which have been cleansed in a manner appropriate for each stone

• Water feature or Sea shell

• Candle or oil lamp

• Gong, crystal bowls, aroma essence

• Spiritual image, Angel card, Ascended Master Card

• Meditation or Prayer

• Camera (record of your grid)

• A Pendulum to check grid energy

First, begin with some relaxed breathing while you become centered and grounded.

I have chosen the Seed of Life sacred geometry pattern, which is overlaid by Metatron's Cube, for the birth of a new intention surrounded by energetic movement of Divine support.

I have chosen some stones for this example which are associated with abundance and prosperity. You may construct the grid with the suggested gemstones or use what you feel intuitively is best for you at this time.

Citrine, in the center, is known for its prosperity properties, but it also brings wisdom. I like to carry citrine with me when shopping to allow for discernment.

Green Aventurine will help to bring luck and opportunity.

Jade is a classic stone of prosperity and will assist to align your beliefs in relation to money. As a stone of growth, it will assist with the flow of abundance energy.

Emerald, as a life affirming gemstone, stimulates prosperity by allowing us to feel worthy of everything that is our birthright.

Peridot is a happy stone that will enliven your grid with the spiritual energy of increase.

Quartz Crystals and Herkimer Diamonds are used to further amplify the grid.

I have used a Citrine generator for the center stone in this example. It is not absolutely necessary to use a generator as the center stone. If you have tumbled or raw stones, they will work just fine as well. Intention trumps all.

After you have assembled everything that you want for the creation of your crystal gemstone grid, purify your meditation space and the space where you will place the grid.

For purification you may use sound, such as a gong or crystal bowl. Another method utilizes herbs/scents to clear negative energies. A white sage spray is one of my favorites. Additionally, you may call in Archangel Michael to do the clearing as well.  Now, take some time to center and ground yourself. I like to center by focusing upon the front center line of my body. To ground, I like to think of all of my energy lines running down deep into the earth and say, with conviction, “Gaia! Ground me, now!” You may use the image of tree roots, a line from your spine running toward the earth's center, or another natural symbol that has spiritual meaning for you.

Then, go through your meditation to express gratitude for the assistance of the Divine, your Angels, Guides, and/or Ascended Masters.  As you create your grid, hold in your mind a very clear and specific idea of your intention while feeling joy and gratitude. Because I believe that each crystal and stone contains a living consciousness, or what I like to call a Deva or Being of Light, I like to make a conscious connection with each stone as I place it on the grid. Smile as you do this, and enjoy your time working with the stones and the energetic beings who will assist you with manifesting your desires.

Using your inspiration, you might start out with one idea of what your grid will look like and find that, as you rearrange and move crystals, you come to a sense of completion sooner or later than expected. Trust your intuition.  After you are finished setting up your grid, and before you run Reiki on it, check the energy of your grid by holding a pendulum over the center.

Also do this when you are finished running Reiki to notice the changes.  When you feel everything is complete, the next step is to charge your grid with Reiki energy.

For running Reiki, I use an invocation of Light. Some people like to say, ”Reiki on.” Use your preferred method to draw in your Reiki energy.  You may use a wand or a finger, hold both of your hands around your grid, or use only your energy-dominant hand to create moving circles over and around your grid to charge it. I like to make three clockwise circles with my energy-dominant hand and then send my intention out to the Universe.  Another option is to connect the stones by following the lines of your grid pattern. There is no wrong way to do this. Intention trumps all!

One example:

“I AM to grow and prosper in this Universe. I AM part of that mystery and wonder, growing and evolving.  I rest in the Divine intention that propels me to grow and evolve. I AM thankful that I live and love in a complete and wonderful Universe.”

It is good to write (notebook or computer) your intentions very clearly somewhere. The clearer you are, the clearer your outcome.  Along with your intention it is important to match the emotion of what you desire with the emotion you feel at the time you create your grid and during any meditations which you use to support your desired outcome.  

“It is fun to know that things are always working out for me, and as I watch for the evidence of that … I see more evidence of that every day.” ~ The Abrahams as channeled by Esther Hicks

“Grant that I may become beautiful in my Soul within, and that all my external possisions may be in harmony with my inner self.” ~ Planto

“I let my mind dance with the possiblities that are coming to me!”

It is perfectly OK to ask for something more specific.  For example, “I would like to find a home that would allow me to feel safe and also to enjoy the beauty of my surroundings.”   The problem with writing a list of specifics is that it is very easy to forget one detail.  Being more general allows you to ask for the *essence* of what you want and allows the Universe to fill in the “in-between.”

After you are done, you may say a prayer of gratitude thanking the Divine, your stones and crystals, and whomever you have called in to assist. Enjoy this moment of silence.

Because I have cats, I will place a pyramid or a plastic dome over the top of my grid so that it is not disturbed.  You may take a photo at this point with the intention that your photo contains the energy of your grid. In that way, after your grid is taken down, you can use this photo for your meditations.

Your photo will contain the energy of your original intention, and you may use it for future meditations.  Do not feel that you need to set up a new grid each time you want to set this specific intention.  You may if you like, but it is not necessary. Intention trumps all!

How long to keep the grid up?  That answer is subjective, and you will need to go by how the grid starts to feel.  Do you feel good when you look at the grid each day?  You might feel a sense of restlessness, irritation, completion, or just know it is the “right” time. Remember, there is no wrong way.  Do what feels right for you.

If your stones are disturbed, you need to realign them and then recharge your grid.  When your grid feels “done,” you may take it down.

How long you keep your grid up is also dependent upon the intention.  If you do a Full Moon or New Moon intention, for example, you can leave it up for the month.   If you notice it is out of place, or dusty, be sure to remedy this.  Positive energy will bring more positive energy.

You can spend a minute each day thinking of your intention or you may trust that the Universe/God/Angels have heard your intention and you need not do any more.

When you take down your grid, remember to cleanse your stones and the grid pattern being sure to thank your crystals and gemstones for their assistance.

For stones which can handle water, I like to run cold water over them for a few minutes. A nearby stream would be ideal. Sometimes, I allow them to sit in a bowl of fresh water for a day or two. They seem to like it!

Other methods of cleansing include using a gong, incense, or a breath of intention and saying, “I cleanse you with the breath of the Divine.” Placing your stones (especially the ones which cannot get wet) on Quartz Crystal or Amethyst will work too.

So, however you choose to set up your grid, take time to enjoy all of the process.

As abundance comes through the heart, it is also the most complicated of concepts. When you find yourself caught between the feelings of lack and abundance, fear and love, trust that all from the Divine comes to you through your heart.  It is your destiny to reflect the love and joy of God's essence through your life.  As you are able to imagine more abundance in your mind, more will come into physical reality for you.  When you focus upon the nature of Spirit, you bring out those attributes in your own life, for your real source of abundance is the God within you.  Reflect upon the nature of God, for it is truly your own nature.

May you discover the riches of your own inner abundance!


Fay Kelley lives and works north of Phoenix, AZ, USA, with her husband and animal companions. She has a graduate degree in Psychology, is a Certified Crystal Healer, Crystal Therapist, Certified Pendulum Dowser, Sacred Stone Grids Practitioner, Spiritual Animal Healer, and Reiki Grandmaster. She does in-person sessions in her home studio and specializes in distant energy enhancements with the use of crystal gemstone grids and sacred geometry.

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