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Crystal healing is a powerful tool for humans and for animal companions as well!  Holistic healing is what people turn to when they hear their doctor say, "There is nothing more we can do for you.”  Interdimensional Healing Light provides a gentle energetic solution for those who want a way to help themselves and their companions heal.  Crystal Therapy is similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles, I use crystals to free stagnant or blocked energy pathways.  Crystals will balance and amplify energy to align your chakras, to clear your aura, and to assist with returning all of your bodies to a healthier and more balanced condition.  Just as you regularly address small problems that occur in your home using handyman tools, it is a good practice to clear and balance your physical and metaphysical bodies with periodic energy sessions.

Crystals and gemstones are our gifts from God!  They are the keys to unlocking windows of Light to new dimensions of healing.  Each crystal carries its own individual or unique vibration.  The resonance of crystals combines with the electromagnetic energy of the Universe to enhance and amplify the body’s energy chakras and meridians.  This process enables the body’s energy systems to heal more easily.  The balancing of chakras is fundamental to energy work and is integral to my practice of using crystals and gemstones.  The chakra centers help us to circulate life force energy called Chi.  Disease often begins in the outer auric bodies and may eventually manifest in the physical body.  Disease and pain are brought about by dense energy which has become sluggish or congested. 

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The healing effects of crystals can also be utilized remotely by constructing a crystal gemstone grid with various minerals, crystals and stones to be used as a focus of meditation for me as the healing professional, and for you, the client.  We are all interconnected energetically, and we are all connected to our Creator, the Divine Spirit.  This connected consciousness is not limited to time or space.  Yes, this concept is mind-blowing, but distant healing does work as changes made by the healer's intention will cause energetic changes in you.  Energy healing is about balancing the body‘s energy systems, chakras, and meridians.  

I practice a unique specialty of distant energy enhancements using crystal grids.  Sacred geometry and mandalas are the foundation for the patterns I use, and these configurations connect the energies of the stones within the crystal grid.  Together, the crystals and the grid will create a portal for Divine Light from our Creator.  Each healing is brought about by the interaction between you and the Divine.  I am the lightning rod to channel this energy to your physical and etheric bodies.  


Animal companions:  Anxiety, eye issues, diarrhea, kidney issues, trust, lethargy, peace, love during transition.

Emotional:   Healing of the heart; restoring joy, forgiveness, and developing personal power; diminishing fear

Energetic barrier:  Protection from negativity, stalking or intrusive energies.

Environmental effect:  Space clearing of home and office.

Financial benefits:  Creating abundance and prosperity, removing feelings of lack, selling of real estate, manifesting a successful job interview.

Mental support:  Anxiety, intuition, perseverance, creativity, concentration.

Physical healing:  Clearing allergies, increasing vitality, improving quality of sleep, releasing of undesirable impulses, improving general well-being, balancing of Chakras.

Spiritual benefits:  Connection of heart and mind, spiritual evolvement, DNA activation, spiritual clarity, grounding, meditation, angelic blessings, reconnection to Source.

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As I have had the gift to channel healing energy since my early years, I have studied various forms of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, Theta Healing, Breath of God, The Reconnection, and Crystal Therapy.  It is my belief that all of these healing modalities channel Divine energy from God.  How the healer is trained is what seems to vary.  Other factors are important as well:  The experience of the healer, various developed skills to channel energy, visualization skills, and the ability to focus intention with the goal of bringing healing energy to the recipient.  New energy is coming onto Earth.  Our DNA is changing all the time.  As we focus our intention upon raising our vibrational level, our bodies will adjust automatically to the Earth's changes.

The Crystals picked me as a Guardian.  I have always been attracted to them.  As a child, I was drawn to piling rocks on my dresser and I have always enjoyed wearing them.  I believe that everything and everyone has consciousness.  Various rocks, minerals, gemstones, and crystals have healing power which is attested to by the fact that civilizations thousands of years old, on every continent, have used stones for healing.  I have studied various cultures and now have an even greater appreciation and reverence for the healing power of our gifts from the Earth.

My recognition of this began during the 70's when I received a diagnosis of "incurable" from a vet about the cat I loved dearly.  I came home and decided to do "some healing" on my cat.  I had no training, only the intention that I wanted to clear my beloved companion of this cancerous disease.  Two weeks later, the vet was astounded as the cancerous 'rodent ulcer' on Cotton's chin was gone.  It was a gradual, but natural, progression to spiritual psychology and, then, to spiritual healing.  Everyone has the ability to heal themselves and others.  It is my mission to empower others to connect with their Divine gifts as well as provide healing assistance.

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Can crystal healing help me even if I find it hard to believe in energy healing?

Yes, it can be effective.  Energy healing, like homeopathy or aroma therapy, is subtle.  A lot of variables determine how quickly a person recovers from an injury or disease. Allopathic interventions impact the symptoms.  Energy healing addresses the cause at the etheric and auric levels and can speed healing at the physical level.  I personally feel that people who do not “believe” in metaphysical healing can be healed just as effectively as those who do.  Other variables such as how severe the situation is, the length of time it has existed, and especially the belief system that the client has about the situation, not the healing, affect the time it takes to see results.  

Is there any evidence to support energetic healing?

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“Must I meditate in order for this healing to work?"

In addition to meditation, listening to healing music, inhaling herbal aromas, moving purposefully and with gratitude, eating and drinking healthfully, relaxing, modifying your mood, and also your lifestyle, all have an impact on your self-healing abilities.  If you are interested in an easy meditation exercise, please see my resources page.

Your well-being and your session are of the utmost importance to me.  I am dedicated to honoring your mind, body and spirit.  I seek to exemplify an ethical and professional standard of spiritual healing on all levels.  I do not consume alcohol, drugs, or other substances which might impair my judgment. Instead, I prepare myself with meditation.  The body, given the opportunity, will propel itself towards wellness.  A lifestyle which supports healing is necessary to maintain any healing intervention over the long run.  I will make every attempt to empower you to make improvements in your lifestyle to support the changes you seek! 

During my interview  — My Seven Chakras PodCast — Aditya Jaykumar poses various questions which allow me to explain my truth about energy and crystal healing, and gives me the opportunity to present who  I am as a channel for Divine healing energies.

Please browse my website for visual examples of the crystal gridsand view my store for my hours and fees.  Visit my resources page for free materials, and see my testimonials page for customer testimonials about how energy sessions have helped them.  

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